When to repair or replace your water heater

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The average lifespan of a water heater is about 10-15 years. After that, it is necessary to replace them. A time comes when the internal parts of the water heater get corroded, and the efficiency of the heater starts declining rapidly. One of the ways to keep the heater functioning for a longer time is regularly flushing it. Another way of extending the lifespan of your water heater is to maintain it with regular and simple repairs like substituting the heating elements or the pressure relief valve. Look at the whole house electric tankless water heater reviews to choose the best water heater. Water heater repairs are simple and can be done on your own, but if you are not very comfortable with handling electricity or gas, you must go for a professional.

Signs that you need to repair your water heater

Age of your water heater

If you do not know, you must find it on the manufacturer’s sticker. The serial number printed on it is the date of manufacture of the water heater. The date is written in a coded format, and these formats vary from one manufacturer to another. You can find this out by checking the website of the manufacturer.

water heater

Once you have learned the date of manufacture of your water heater and drawn an idea of its age, you can know whether you should repair or replace it. A 10-year-old water heater which leaks around the base should be replaced. You can go for repair if your water heater is leaking and is located in the position where it will not cause damage to your home.

Rusty water

If the water coming from your heater is rusty water, you must examine whether it is coming out from the hot side piping or not. You must drain a 4-5 gallon bucket of water at least thrice. If by the third bucket, you still see rusty water coming out, then your heater is faulty and needs repair.

The sediments are depositing at the bottom of the heater eventually get heated again and again and thus get hardened. This results in rumbling noises coming out of the heater. This is another sign that you need to repair your water heater.


Water around your water heater is another sign that you may have a leaking or fracture in your heater and it needs repair.

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When hot water is switched on, it has a peculiar smell to it. This could be a sign, which the water heater might break down soon. Warm water and not hot water can be an indication of your heating system getting burned out.

Repairs regularly add up

When a particular part of it continuously causes problems or gives you troubles, it is a sure sign that many more problems might start occurring. And when that occurs, sometimes your most viable resort is not to have it repaired but replace it. Additionally, leaks can never be a desirable thing. If you notice water dripping or puddling around your heating system, it could be a sign that it is time for the tank to retire.…

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